Here are some testimonials from our patients.

Friendly atmosphere, courteous doctor explained everything which was easy to understand.
Don NG, April 2016

I have been a long term patient and I am extremely happy with the care I receive. If I need to see Dr. Bhasin she is available (short notice) and extremely helpful.
Cathleen Powers, March 2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Bhasin for a number of years and have always found the doctor, nurses and staff to be friendly, courteous and caring.
Joan Schaffner, January 2016

Been coming here for over 20 years. I’ve actually made a few new friends, and can catch up with a few old ones. Staff is fantastic!
Aleta, January 2016

I am so very happy to have met all the staff here. I always look forward to coming here for my visit. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and part of your family.
Natalie Bracken, October 2015

I hate going to doctors’ offices except this one. Indira and Ruth keep us entertained. Dr. Bhasin is very thorough and compassionate.
Margaret V., August 2015

The staff is extremely helpful and kind. Dr. Bhasin is very caring about her patients. Indira is awesome !!
Kathy S., August 2015

Dr. Bhasin is a courteous and caring doctor. She listened to my problems patiently when I came as a new patient and she took time to explain the medical causes of my symptoms. The staff is friendly and available to help. I rank the whole office as excellent.
DK, November 2014

The  staff in the Ramsey, NJ office are amazing. You couldn’t hope to find better. They are friendly and funny, and when needed they are beyond helpful.
Shirley Pflugfelder, August  2014

Friendly office atmosphere, competent nurses and quick services makes every visit a pleasant experience.
Dieter Froehlich, August 2014

Love everybody. So kind and helpful, always feel welcomed.
Jackie Smith, July 2014

I was impressed when I first came and was asked if I had an Epi-Pen, I would never have thought of it. Everyone is very professional and courteous. Even the shots are pain free!
Judith Gehrig, August 2014

I have always been very satisfied with the care I receive from Dr. Bhasin, the nurses and staff are personable and professional. The flexible hours for allergy shots are very convenient too!
Gloria Dinan,  September 2014

Nurses are always very friendly and I am happy with how my allergy shots are going. I would recommend this office to friends and family.
Samantha S., September  2014

Dr. Bhasin has made my Asthma nonexistent. I can’t remember the last time I needed my rescue inhaler!
Louise Marchese, September 2014

Staff is very friendly, attentive, accommodating and knowledgeable.  If they don’t know an answer to a question they work hard to figure it out. They go above and beyond and are always willing to work with you. Highly recommend!!
Karen McDermott, September 2014

My son and I have been patients of Dr. Bhasin for over 10 years. She has always helped us manage our allergies very well through all seasons.
Anonymous, August 2014

The staff in total make it easy and enjoyable to come here every two weeks for Xolair. They diagnosed me when others couldn’t. I have a much healthier and fuller lifestyle now!
Carla Dworetsky, September 2014

Ramey office: Rosemary Oleskin “this is a very friendly office, the workers are cheerful and caring. The atmosphere is wonderful, makes you want to go and get your allergy shot each week.”

Ramsey ; Allison Ferrara “I have been a patient of Dr. Bhasin’s for sometime now and have always felt cared for every time I walk into that office. Let’s face it no one wants to spend more time after work to get shots in the arm, but the staff’s genuine friendliness and positive attitudes make that time worth whole. It is actually a pleasure to come in every week!”

Ramsey: Kathy Stanley-Brown ” Prior to the start of the allergy shots a year and a half ago. I routinely suffered 3 -5 sinus infections per year. I have not had one since I began the shots.”

Middletown: John Kuchta ” This office gives off a friendly positive feeling. All the girls are great, very helpful, always  willing to do whatever it takes to keep the patients happy. Especially Indera”

Middletown: Dior ” The staff is always professional , knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I don’t feel like just another patient when I come to the office. I recommend friends to come here and they are thankful because it a comfortable environment.”

Middletown: Audrey Rea ” I have already recommended this office to several relatives and co-workers!”

“We were to see a different allergist originally, but wanted a second opinion. After being referred here, I was very pleased with the patience, time, practicality, gentleness, thoroughness, and people skills of Dr. Bhasin. I would not go elsewhere for my daughter’s care, and I would absolutely recommend her services..”  Elizabeth Groth

“Dr. Bhasin actually saved my life twice from systemic allergic reactions. Although the trigger to my severe allergy was elusive, Dr. Bhasin found the likely suspect. I’m ready in case it ever happens again and I highly recommend Dr. Bhasin for any allergy situation. Both of my children are regular patients of Dr. Bhasin now and I can tell you that she’s great with the kids too. ” Mal Milligan

“The staff and Dr. Bhasin are wonderful. They make it very pleasant to come here on a weekly basis, I have already recommended this office to several friends. I have been coming here for 5 years, and the people here are wonderful to deal with. If you need to go to an allergist, this is definitely the office to come to.” – Arlene Cooper

“I am very happy with the overall service provided and Dr. Bhasin is a great doctor…” – Marilee Calhoun

“I can’t think of a nicer place to be stuck 4 times in the arm! Much better allergy tolerance since I started my shots…” – Donald Herring

“I am very impressed with the sensitivity of Dr. Bhasin to my illness. The friendliness of the staff/receptionist makes waiting a pleasure..” A. E. Bates

“I have recommended this office to several people. We have been happy with this office for the past several years.” Linda Jakes

Friendly, informative and efficient staff. Always concerned about my health and well-being. Doctor and nurses are always available to answer questions and meet my health needs. Would highly recommend practice to anyone.” Tina Teig